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Did You Know?
– 52% of people who responded to a recent poll believe that it is easier to do their taxes than to eat healthy.
– 70% of all chronic disease is directly related to lifestyle choices.

We were surprised too. And, after thinking about it, we decided to create space on our website for information that will motivate, inform, and support employees, their families and friends who want to make healthy changes in their lifestyle.

Please check back often to find thoughtful tips and information that can have a huge impact on your health.

Cancer Screening Works

If you’ve taken a break from scheduled screenings during Covid, it’s time to resume. Here are some reasons why!

Preventive Care

Don’t put it off. Preventive care can impact your health in big ways.

Understanding Health Insurance

Yes, it is complicated but help is available.

March 2022 Connections Newsletter

It’s all about prevention!

Want to improve your stress management and mental well being?

Here are seven things you can try to improve your stress management.